When Authors Inspire...

I recently met author and publisher, Roda Ahmed, who was co-hosting a writers workshop with Cheryl Strayed at The Art of Living Retreat Center in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Roda is one of those people whose delightful energy “lights up a room”. Her joy is contagious and her mission to tell the stories of unsung heroes is inspiring. 

Her children’s book “Mae Among The Stars” tells the story of Mae Jemson who was the first African American to go into space. As a child, Mae had been encouraged by her parents that (in Roda’s words) "if she could dream it, believe in it, and work hard for it, anything is possible”. Roda has not only shone a light on Mae’s previously unrecognized accomplishment but inspired children the world over to think about what they could possibly achieve. 

When Gary and I returned to Free’d Spirit in Antigua in October 2021 we brought Roda’s book with us. Our intended recipient was a young girl named Eden. Her father, Bernard, picked us up at the airport. He runs a taxi service and we’d become good friends over the months we’d been anchored in Antigua. We loved hearing this 8 year-old read aloud about Mae Jemson. I wonder what possibilities Eden will "dream, believe and work hard for" now. 

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Thank you Roda Ahmed for who you are and what you do!